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In to March

Well here we are in March with wind, rain and storms. What a difference to February with its warm sunny days. Our guests have been great, even in the winds that have swept through Frys Moor. One couple even braved the hot tub in this weather! A lot more bookings coming in. As a nutritionist I am keen to provide for any dietary requests from my guests and this is proving very popular. I know how difficult it is finding somewhere you feel safe to eat.....

Today, however the sun is shining and its a day to walk with the dogs and a chance to get some fresh air (without getting blown away!). Later we need to tidy up all the branches and debris and clear paths etc. The hawthorn and blackthorn are leafing up beautifully and the bluebells still growing. It will be a few weeks yet though before we are covered in a carpet of blue.

We have seen many pairs of Mallard ducks flying over. The males with their dark green heads and yellow bills. The females mainly brown with orange bills. They will be looking out for seeds, acorns and berries.

A pair of pied wagtails have returned and are looking for somewhere to nest. These birds get their name from the way they frantically wave their tails up and down whilst dashing around looking for food. The pied wagtail is a small, black and white and grey bird. Most of them are resident but some do make it all the way to North Africa in the winter escaping the cold. Very sensible. This pair are looking to nest. Unfortunately the old stone cottage has been converted since they were here nesting with their young last year so Jon has put some old clay pipe under the eaves to encourage them. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Some of the frogspawn have hatched and we have tadpoles swimming around in the wildlife pond. We are also keeping a lookout for newts.

Two male grey squirrels were chasing after each other fiercely protecting their territories and we have seen the roe deer drinking from the wildlife pond again. It seems to have become their local watering hole. We did hear a deer barking madly up in the woods the other day so something had obviously spooked it.

Unable to comment on birdsong over the last couple of weeks as owing to the howling wind, have not been able to hear a thing. Come back Spring.....

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