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The story begins.....

Old Rose is the first of our luxury holiday homes in The Fry's Moor House Collection. It has been two years since we first thought about the glamping experience and one year since we were given planning permission to do so. The hut was built to our own particular specifications including the hand crafted king size bed which can be accessed from both sides for the guests' comfort and convenience (no having to crawl over each other in the middle of the night!). Although Old Rose is deceptively spacious, storage is always at a premium so lots of storage space was created under the bed. In the contemporary en-suite we felt it was important to have a generous size shower, so that was also taken into consideration.

Having a place in France definitely influenced the design, decor and artifacts in this first shepherd hut. From the vintage french champagne glasses and Guy Degrenne ice bucket to the beautifully french ornately framed rose pictures. Lots of shabby chic too and wonderful bed linen. Attention has been paid to every detail with great emphasis on quality, originality and style. Sheer indulgence!

Step outside and you are at one with nature. Woodland, streams, wild flowers and abundant wildlife.

Deer wander through and drink from the wildlife pond which at the moment is also full of frog spawn.

Its a bird watchers paradise with sound effects - especially at this time of the year!

Our first guests have stayed and I think we have enjoyed having them here as much as they have enjoyed being here. It's such a pleasure to share such a magical place. The daffodils and celandine are blooming and the wild bluebells are on the way. When they are in full bloom there is a rich blue carpet woven into the landscape. This is a new venture for us and bookings are beginning to come in. We look forward to more guests enjoying our little bit of heaven.....

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