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Eco Statement

The Blackdown Hills is ‘an area of outstanding natural beauty’ and with your help we would love to keep it this way. We want to make as low impact as possible at Fry’s Moor. We can do this in several ways.


1.Light – The Blackdown Hills is an area that has one of the lowest levels of light pollution in the UK. Please turn off all the lights when you are not in the shepherd’s hut. When outside in the dark please use the torches and lanterns provided.


2.Noise – unfortunately noise travels a long way through the valleys and hills so please be aware of this, particularly in the evenings.


3.Waste/rubbish. The residents in the parish of Otterford like to keep their villages free of rubbish so there are regular rubbish picks and individuals will pick up rubbish on their daily walks. We will show you where the appropriate rubbish and recycling bins are and appreciate you using them.


4. Biodegradeable good quality toiletries are provided for your first night in Old Rose. We can provide details should you want to order more from the company for when you go home.


5.Smoking- we have asked that you refrain from smoking at Frys Moor. This is a personal issue but we ask that you respect this.


Thank you for your co-operation.

Lynn and Jon Churchill

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